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At GreenLife Supply we know that selecting the right equipment is critical to being efficient and to doing quality work.

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Arborist Equipment

EZ-Ject Lance

The fastest, easiest way to selectively kill trees, stumps, and woody brush.

Each ready-to-use EZ-Ject Herbicide Shell contains a small amount of chemical held in a dry, stable form within a brass shell.

Systemic herbicides kill the tree completely. There is rarely any regrowth or suckers.

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EZ-Ject Soil Injector

For tree and shrub pesticide and fertilizer applications under the soil.

Easy to transport and easy to use with adjustable handle height. Convenient one gallon containers can be swapped out with zero spillage.

Injection depth is also adjustable from two to eight inches under the soil surface.

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Arbor Systems
Wedgle Direct Inject

Arbor Systems
Quick Connect Injection Tips

Arbor Systems
High Volume Kit

To view a parts breakdown for the Arbor System Direct Inject System click on the image below.

Turf Equipment

Turfco T-3100

Turfco T3100

It's time to grow your business with the most productive, profitable riding applicator on the market - the patented and patent-pending T3100.

Get your crew up to speed faster with new simplified controls and an exclusive, easy-to-operate steering wheel.

Do residential and commercial properties with the only machine that fits through a 36-inch gate and sprays up to 132,000 square feet per fill.

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Turfco TurnAer6 Aertor

Turfco XT5 Aerator

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Earthway F80 Adaptable

Earthway F80 Adaptable

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Earthway 2170

Earthway 2170 SS

Earthway 2150

Earthway Pro-Hand 3200

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